REIs MP-1000 is an industry innovation in passenger safety announcements. Our affordable digital media player allows you to customize your video and audio safety message and obtain a date and time log to verify your announcement has been played. The REI MP-1000 is equipped with auxiliary video and audio inputs to interface with your existing entertainment system and automatically switches between the two. Playback options include: AutoPlay upon power-up; loop continuous message; or stop/start priority message utilizing a convenient remote play button.
BUY $374.95
•Customizable audio and video message
•Interfaces w/existing entertainment systems
•Auto-play, loop or start-stop playing
•Automatically switches between other video sources
•Playback date/time recorder for verifications
•Driver one-touch playback
•Includes 4GB REI SD card
•Rolling text message capability
•Durable, compact & lightweight
•Choose from a Remote Play Button or Rocker Switch
MP-1000 Passenger Safety Announcement Player w/ 4GB REI SD Card Motorcoach Safety Video
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