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  Monitors generally fall into 2 categories.  Monitors for cameras which are generally small compare to monitors for DVR video and video content.  Bus Radio & Video Supply has monitors from ASA and REI.  Both do a very good job displaying their respective content.
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15.6″ HD LCD Wedge
BUY $797.00ea
15.6″ HD LCD Wedge Monitor
•1920 x 1080 resolution
•HDMI HD video input
•HDMI E input
•LED backlight
•188 degree viewing angle
•12/24 Volt
•BNC composite video input
•Remote control
Your monitor requires a mounting bracket.
15.6″ LCD Wedge Mount Bracket
BUY $27.85ea
15.6″ LCD Wedge Mount Bracket
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Part numbers on this page:  710530, 710375, 769975, 560968, 560941
If you are installing the monitor as a new installation all you would need is the monitor and bracket set.  If you are replacing an old monitor like a 10.1 or an old CRT monitor? Call before you purchase so we can check for additional equipment you might need to complete the job.  Sometimes it helps to have the last five VIN numbers of the coach.  We would also need the make, model, and year and whether you are replacing another on the left or right of the coach.