REI Wedge Camera
2.8mm (710360) 4.0mm (710361 6.0mm (710362) 8.0mm (710363)
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  REI has established a reputation for quality, innovation and technical excellence. With
the capacity to manage bright lights and dark shadows in the same image, our wide dynamic range cameras represent an investment in performance and long-term satisfaction. REI’s technology makes it easier to spot and identify people, vehicles and incidents no matter the lighting conditions and in today’s world, becomes crucial. REI designs a variety of durable high-resolution color cameras that can be placed on the interior or exterior of your vehicle(s). Choose 1 or 2 cameras for minimal coverage or up to 8 cameras to maximize your view of activities in and around your vehicle. The number of cameras you choose affects your REI DVR purchase.

Choose from 2.8mm... 710360  /  4.0mm...710361 / 6.0mm...710362 / 8.0mm...710363

•Hi-Res color series
•Day/night viewing
•Microphone for audio separation in various areas of vehicle
•Intelligent IR technology for eliminating IR hot spots
•Adjustable viewing angle
•Tamper proof
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