Seat Back Audio
1-8 channel capability
Digital LED channel display
Individual volume control
Tamper-resistant design
3.5mm headphone jack
0.5″ seat mounting depth
Seat Back Audio Module
BUY $95.00
Audio Player
9-36 Volt input
Plays 8 independent channels of audio simultaneously
Audio stored on CF-Card
Great for multi-lingual audio

With the number of foreign tourists increasing, it is a necessity to provide tour announcements and narration in several languages. The combination of the REI passenger headphone system and REI 8 channel digital MP3 audio player is the ultimate way to provide multi-lingual tours. Record tour and stop information in up to eight different languages and provide all of your passengers with the same information. This user-friendly system provides each customer with a choice of languages on their seat back audio module. Upon arriving at each tour stop, the driver initiates the playback of pre-recorded messages in all languages simultaneously.
8 Channel Digital Audio Player
BUY $000.00
Driver Controller
  The REI passenger headphone system provides the ultimate listening experience. This digital seat back audio system gives customers the choice of up to eight high-fidelity stereo channels. Each passenger has independent headphone volume control.
Whether listening to audio from the REI video system, enjoying an audio book on CD or relaxing to the sounds of digital music, passengers will love the freedom to choose.
Customers who prefer to read or sleep while traveling will be able to enjoy the experience without interruptions from the interior speaker systems. Once customers experience the personal entertainment provided by the REI headphone audio system, they will no longer be satisfied with single audio option systems.
Driver Controller
BUY $833.95
   REI’s individual passenger headphone systems have a rugged, dependable audio control module, free of moving parts. Engineered using the latest technology, they provide clean, high fidelity stereo signals at every seat. Passengers simply plug in their headphones and choose from a variety of sources: AM/FM CD players, SAT radio, DVD, digital video and digital audio players. All channels feature PA override for driver and tour guide announcements.
Up to 8 stereo channel capability
Digital LED channel display
Durable soft-touch controls with wear-resistant overlay
Individual volume control
3.5mm stereo headphone jack
All electronic switching (no moving parts)
Headphone amp is overload and short circuit protected
Compact size: 1/2″ recessed depth (1″ Overall), 2″ height, 5″ width
Components and cables selected for sound quality and reliability
Digital Player
Digital Video Player
• Uses compact flash cards for digital
audio/video storage
• Audio/video files can be auto-played
via GPS coordinates or date/time
• Designed to integrate into existing
entertainment systems
Let REI’s digital video player become your digital tour guide. Play back customized pre-recorded video narratives for your
tour groups. Your content can be manually activated by the driver controller or automatically triggered based on GPS
coordinates or date/time. Plus, offer your tours in different languages to better serve your clientele.
Need a mike for your seat back audio?
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Part numbers represented on this page are:  700741, 710076, 710262, 710075