REI Product Catalog
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  When you are in the business of moving people over the highway anything can and will happen. You will need electronics that are durable and reliable to help you keep your customers safe and satisfied. The products we sell on this site are built from the ground up with focus on these needs thru the manufacturing process to the end user.  This makes our electronic products your solution. Our products address 3 areas of concern for the commercial transporter.

     Safety: with on-vehicle surveillance, observation and infotainment solutions to mitigate risk and ensure a safe experience.
     Entertainment: Taking the customer's experience to the next level with reliable audio and video for your passengers entertainment.
     Fleet Management:  A simple integrated way to manage your fleet with improved service all while identifying your efficiencies.
  If you operate a fleet of school busses you know there are two basic areas that need to be addressed.  Stopping and interior and exterior monitoring. We have you covered with the industry standard STOP-ARM equipment and a large selection of dome, recessed and wedge cameras that will work inside or outside the bus.  DVRs that will record the events along with the software to manage it.  Safety for you passengers and insurance to you in knowing you have covered your liabilities with quality monitoring and safety equipment.

  Are you tired of the complaints from drivers and passengers over the outdated audio video equipment your bus is using.  Don't tell your passengers that they are not important with small outdated monitors and worn out headsets or WiFi that never works.  They are spending money with you and deserve your best with the latest in audio and video equipment.  Browse thru our Entertainment products and bring your commercial bus, transit bus up to date with new equipment.  Your riders will appreciate your effort.

  If you are in the tour bus business you have your own set of needs that we address here at Bus Radio & Video Supply with a ton of equipment.  We have radios with built-in PAs as well as stand alone PAs so you can communicate with your passengers.  View the newest equipment from a manufacture that has been doing this before you were born. REI manufactures superior products for your PA needs.
NOTE:  If you are in the Tour Bus Biz we have a sister site that is dedicated to just your needs.  It is called Tour Bus Radio Supply.  On this site we carry products from REI, ASA, CRC and Ready2Talk.  If you are looking for a way to added a PA to your factory radio you need to visit.  For less than 400 dollars or less you can have a working PA in your tour bus.